Hi! I'm an illustrator. I illustrate things. Many things. Secret things that lurk in dark corners and whisper of hidden worlds. I may even be illustrating you. LOOK BEHIND YOU! Nope... that's just a shadow. Probably.
In all seriousness, I'm a life-long creative with a deep love for Kentucky, pop culture, space, and all things beautiful. I create highly-tailored collateral for a diverse group of clients and I live for a good challenge. No kidding, when someone asks, "Can you do this?" it's like a schoolyard dare. I'll try anything once! You name it, I can probably do it for you. (I do admit, however, I'm not too comfortable with web design, animation, or children's book illustration.) Get in touch and let's make some mystical magic!

Please feel free to contact me via email [rachaelrsinclair@outlook.com] and find me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Dribbble.
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