I've attended Creative Mornings for some time. The talks are always inspiring and I love having the connection to my community. Worldwide monthly themes are chosen by different chapters and for the month of June 2020, my home chapter of Louisville, Kentucky chose the theme of INSECURE.

I was honored to illustrate this theme and initially, it seemed like it would be easy as I'm well-acquainted with insecurity. Alas, it's a deceptively simple concept, something we all know, but can find hard to put to words. I reflected on insecurity as a personal impediment to fulfillment, how it can keep us from living up to our soaring potential in this diverse and beautiful world

The toucan's insecurity keeps it clinging to the trees with a tethered balloon for added safety. I was inspired the color and energy of the rainforest and included amazon parrots, scarlet and blue & gold macaws, a keel billed toucan, resplendent quetzal, emerald toucanet, and a toco toucan as well as lush foliage. Oh, see if you can spot a few non-avian creatures!

This was my initial sketch for the concept. I decided to eliminate one of the birds for balance.

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