I was incredibly honored to be asked if I'd like to participate in Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass Art Showcase Presented by Hero Complex Gallery and Disney Fine Art by Collectors Editions. The show features more than 50 female artists and was built around the stories (and film adaptions) of Lewis Carroll's Alice creations. It's a dream come true to have one of my creations owned by Disney.
I chose to do a more traditional 'storybook' illustration of Alice's meeting with the caterpillar, all enclosed in a giant question mark. The flora is all inspired by the forests of England and Alice wears a striped dress as tribute to Tim Burton. At the behest of Disney, I omitted the hookah. (You can see the original version below.)
12x18 prints available through Hero Complex Gallery.
These are some of my favorite parts of the piece, my 'dragon' flies, the caterpillar's bug-like face, a firefly pendant lamp, and a sneaky shout-out to my home state of Kentucky.
My original sketch.
Here you can see the caterpillar with his hookah. I wanted to keep some smoke so I added 'dragon' flies with smoke curling from their nostrils.
Here's one of the promotional/informational images for the show. The featured piece belongs to another artist.
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