Lincoln: Whet Your Horns

A print celebrating the grappling youth of Kentuckian Abraham Lincoln.

History says our fine president Abraham Lincoln was quite the grappler in his youth. This was the inspiration behind this quote design, done for Kentucky for Kentucky. I started in Photoshop with an exaggerated character sketch of a young Abe, clean shaven, bare chested, and ready to mess someone up. I then created each word of the text and the decorations by hand to retain a more rustic feel. This was then taken into Illustrator for conversion to vector where I arranged the items as they appear.
The colors were sampled from a vintage 'Lincoln Birthplace' postcard. The flower in the & is the Kentucky state flower, the goldenrod. The wrestling belt on the horns contains the presidential seal and Lincoln's birth and death years. I also included a small illustration of his birthplace.
This was a previous version with different paper dimensions. They chose to print on 12x14 so I had to make some changes.
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