Anyone can see how much I love Kentucky. And really, there's not much to NOT love about the Bluegrass state. I've been immensely honored to work with Kentucky for Kentucky over the past few years. I'm always ready to flesh out their ideas and toss in some of my own. It's good to stretch the creative muscles and test your versatility. All of the designs are property of KY4KY unless otherwise noted.

This 'vintage' postcard was done for fun. I love the contrast of the brick and stone on this haunted behemoth and wanted to create something in homage of how it looked in the early 20th century.

A vintage-inspired Louisville piece for a local art show.

This personal piece was inspired by the amazing signs of years gone by.

Kentucky wrapping paper design number 1, cookies and candy.
Kentucky wrapping paper design 2, Y'ALL.
Kentucky wrapping paper design number 3, red and green Kentucky.
A lettering project that looks pretty nice on a rocks glass.
This hand lettering piece was done for Kentucky for Kentucky with the intent of becoming the etched glass pictured below.
This tasty cake was done as a tee design originally, but that plan fell through. No worries though, it's still a great way to say Happy Birthday to my favorite state!
'Cocaine Bear' is somewhat of a celebrity thanks to Kentucky for Kentucky. They asked for a very 80's design, something 'Miami Vice'. Working on this design hurt my eyes a little.
I had never designed socks before, so this was a learning experience. I was asked by KY4KY to create some patterns to honor derby and bourbon, so naturally, we have roses, horses, barrels and bottles. Next designs were to celebrate fried chicken and yet more horses. I've since designed a number of socks for the 'spinoff' brand Southern Socks.
This shirt was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's essay "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved". I thought it would be fun to 'brand' the Pontiac Ballbuster he rented while he was in town. The design only made it to prototype phase. It was a little too obscure for a wide audience.
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