Coffee Kentucky for Battlefield Coffee Co., Soul for KY4KY, Wildflowers of Smosh, and KY is Dandy for KY4KY

Fascinating for Hallway Feeds, Hoot for KY4KY, Truckin' for NFO, and Poppy California

These two were created for Hot Off the Press of Harlan, KY

The Lucky Dog was done for 15th State Apparel, Subourbon Housewife for KY4KY, Mountain Music for New Frontier Outfitters, and Nancy for Battlefield Coffee Company

On the left are two fall designs for Kentucky for Kentucky. The Fringe can was done for Manchild Media and the cabin for New Frontier Outfitters.

The Tennessee design was printed on a tee by Humphrey's Street Coffee in Nashville, but the Kentucky version is still just a personal project.

The Kentucky-shaped fruit were for Kentucky for Kentucky, the others for New Frontier Outfitters.

Top two designs for Kentucky for Kentucky, bottom two for Manchild Media

The top two designs were the chosen and alternate for an Apollo 11 anniversary tee for the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. Bottom left was created for New Frontier Outfitters and right for Big Ass Fans ISS experiment 'mission'.

These two--and the four below--were done for Kentucky for Kentucky.

These four designs were created for Hallway Feeds in Lexington, Kentucky.

Two text-based tee designs for Kentucky for Kentucky.

The top two were done for Kentucky for Kentucky, the bottom two for New Frontier.

Summer designs for Kentucky for Kentucky.
A few summer designs for New Frontier.
Clockwise from top left: KY4KY Derby-time tee, Jeep for New Frontier, Mountain Man for New Frontier, and 'Cinco de Derby' sugar skull horse for Print My Threads.
The bourbon NASA-inspired tee is a favorite of mine. All of these were sold by Kentucky for Kentucky.
These designs were for the holiday shirt collection from Kentucky for Kentucky. The gift box was not used, but I enjoyed creating it.
I created the design on the right first, but to change the color impact of the shirt, we changed the holly to poinsettias.
Some fall/Halloween tees for Kentucky for Kentucky. The eclipse, ghost, jack-o-lantern and coffin were glow-in-the-dark.
These designs were done for Kentucky for Kentucky. In green, 'Scenic Kentucky'. And in yellow, the infamous 'Cocaine Bear', Lincoln's birthplace made of Lincoln Logs, and a simplified Kentucky seal.
More Kentucky tees; all but the bottom left for Kentucky for Kentucky.
These Gatlinburg designs were offered for sale with proceeds going toward disaster relief.
Here are a few of my Christmas shirt designs for Kentucky for Kentucky. From top left clockwise: Colonel Sanders as a gingerbread man, Kentucky-shaped sleigh, Kentucky wreath, and Santa with a Kentucky beard.
The 'cursive' Ohio is produced in many different colors for city/school pride.
The Delaware design was done in commemoration of the city's annual high-stakes harness race.
A 'clipper' ship in honor of the Columbus Clippers baseball team and a 'lake' related design for the Lake Erie area of Ohio.
A few Pittsburgh and Cleveland designs.
A few of my Cincinnati sports designs for Shop the Direction. Scripting a 'spaghetti' word a little bit of a challenge, but fun!
Ugly Christmas sweaters are a little time consuming to create, but I love them. These four were for Shop the Direction.
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