Travel Posters
Travel Posters Created for Cultural Debris Excursions
Angel's Envy Artist Series Tee
Bourbon-inspired, Kentucky-shaped tee design
Kentucky: Bourbon Country
Illustrations created for Wildsam's Bourbon Country field guide.
Pattern Design
A collection of custom pattern designs
Creative Mornings: Insecure
Theme illustration for June, 2020
The ABC's of Southern Food
A print dedicated to southern food.
Various T-Shirt Designs
A collection of various t-shirt designs
A collection of original bandanna designs
Print design for University of Kentucky
Entertainment/Pop Culture Illustrations 3
Another set of pop culture/entertainment-inspired illustrations and designs
Classic Bourbon Cocktails
Classic bourbon cocktails print with 12 custom vintage-inspired illustrations
Various Kentucky Projects
A collection of various Kentucky-related designs.
Castle & Key Botanical Illustrations
A collection of botanical illustrations for a Kentucky distillery.
More Entertainment Illustrations
Another set of pop-culture-inspired compositions and illustrations.
Logos and Logo Concepts
A collection of logos and concepts, client work and personal work.
Share the Lex Mural
Two-part mural for VisitLex at the University of Kentucky
Tiki Drinks and Menu
Tiki drink illustrations and menu
Derby Traditions
A 'Derby Traditions' print in honor of the Kentucky Derby.
Kentucky Oddities
A fun, vintage-inspired map of Kentucky Oddities created for Kentucky for Kentucky.
NASA / Space Posters
Original tributes to astronauts, the Shuttle Transport System and the Saturn V.
Kentucky Food Pyramid
A food pyramid in tribute to gastronomical Kentucky.
Various Commissions
A collection of commission work
Louisville Magazine
Illustrations created for Louisville Magazine, various styles.
I Saw the Light
Personal poster for the film "I Saw the Light"
Explain Yourself - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
An interpretation of Alice meeting the caterpillar for Hero Complex Gallery and Disney.
I Call Him Son
A tribute piece to Rick Baker and the film Hellboy.
The Challenger Seven
A tribute poster to the crew of the Challenger mission STS-51-L done for the show Quotes, Lines & Lyrics at Hero Complex Gallery.
God's Prototypes
A personal tribute to Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved
The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved is a specially designed Kentucky Derby/Hunter S. Thompson print created in conjunction with Kentucky for Kentucky.
Illustrations for the Voice-Tribune and Modern Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.
I Bid You Welcome
Illustration in celebration of Bela Lugosi's Dracula, created for Hero Complex Gallery's show, Quotes, Lines & Lyrics.
Lincoln: Whet Your Horns
A print celebrating the grappling youth of Kentuckian Abraham Lincoln.
Knee Deep in Blue Grass
An alternative album cover for Knee Deep in Blue Grass created for the 33.3 show at Gallery 1988.
Kentucky Children's Eye Chart
A children's eye chart with a Kentucky theme.
Hunter S. Thompson: Ready for Anything
A print designed in commemoration of the Hunter S. Thompson essay, 'the Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved'.
Kentucky State Lines
A 'state line' design in honor of Kentucky.
Kentucky Toile and Candle Labels
A series of Kentucky drawings collected into a toile pattern for print and fabric.
Gallant Fox
A promotional poster design for Gallant Fox, 1930 Triple Crown Winner.
Health and Nutrition Illustrations
Illustrations and items created for a health and nutrition informational supplier.
Various Entertainment Illustrations
This is a collection of various illustrations and compositions inspired by entertainment; movies, television, actors, and actresses.
Kentucky Pinups
A set of vintage pinup-style digital paintings.
An alternative movie poster for the film Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
An alternative movie poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier
A collection of drawings, mostly digital.
Her - A Spike Jonze Love Story
An alternative poster for the film Her.
The Grand Budapest Hotel
An alternative poster for the film, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.
A personal poster for the film Gravity.
My Old Kentucky Home
This is a love letter to my home state of Kentucky featuring a number of Bluegrass icons.
Auto Industry Projects
Various works for J&L Marketing, Inc.
Vintage Tractors
Vector illustrations of vintage tractors
James Bond Posters
A small collection of original vector illustrated posters for some of my favorite James Bond films.
Various Projects and Contest Entries
Contest entries and various projects
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